Alpha Helix kinks Assessed by Humans (AH^AH): a bioinformatics crowd-sourcing experiment making use of your puzzle solving skills.

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Warning! Please note that a perfect curved, kinked or straight helix does not exist in nature. Therefore the words "curved", "kinked", "straight" should be taken as an approximation.

Visual Manipulation of the α helices

The helices below are displayed using JSmol. You can rotate and resize the 3D representations by clicking on the panel.
To rotate: left click and drag.
To zoom: hold shift, left click and drag (this might depend on your browser).


There is a clear location where the direction of the helix changes. Only a small part of the helix is involved in this.


There is a slow but steady change of the direction of the helix. This can happen over a large part or even all of the helix.


There is no change in the overall direction of the helix.