Alpha Helix kinks Assessed by Humans (AH^AH): a bioinformatics crowd-sourcing experiment making use of your puzzle solving skills.

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The α-helix is one of the most common sub-structures in proteins. Kinks in α-helices are an important feature in cellular processes for a wide range of proteins.

We think humans are better than current computer algorithms at determining if protein α-helices are kinked. On this corner of the Internet we test our hypothesis. Are you better than a robot?

In the next pages we will show you 30 examples of different 3D protein helices. Each of these helices falls into one of the following categories:

  1. Kinked - There is a clear location where the direction of the helix changes.
  2. Curved - There is a slow but steady change of the direction of the helix.
  3. Straight - There is no change in the overall direction of the helix.

On the next page, we show you an example of a (artifically perfect) kinked, curved, and straight helix. The 30 natural examples shown after the tutorial might not be so easy to distinguish and it is appreciated that decisions might be difficult. However, the aim of this survey is to use the puzzle solving skills of the wider public to obtain superior definitions of what a kink actually is and where the fuzzy border between kinked, curved, and straight is most likely to be.

Your first decisions are accepted as final. Even if you press the backward button of your browser only the first decision will be integrated in the analysis of the results.

At the end of the survey we will provide you with some feedback on how your decisions related to the decisions of the rest of the participants.

All data will be processed in an anonymous way. Your name will not be shown to anyone else.

In case of any technical problems contact OPIG.

Please note that in order to participate your browser should support HTML5 and javascript (e.g. minimum requirements: IE 9, FireFox 8, Opera 11, Safari 5.1, and Chrome 10).