MEDELLER Homology-Based Coordinate Generation for Membrane Proteins


For Academic Use Only


Input Target-Template Alignment:

How would you like to provide your sequence alignment (PIR or FASTA)?

Choose a file to upload from your hard drive:

Please label the target and template sequences as ">target" and
">template", respectively (without the quotes).
Example input file, a sequence alignment of PDB entries 2JAFA (target) and 2VT4B (template)

Input Template Structure:

How would you like to provide your protein structure (PDB, one chain only)?

Enter a valid PDB code:

Enter 5 characters, the standard PDB code followed by the chain identifier, e.g. "2VT4B"
Note that chain identifiers are case sensitive.


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Model type:

The standard "minimal core" includes only residues in the core (T) layer of the membrane.
If this option is enabled, residues in the outer (H) layers are also included. This is useful
if your protein only partially penetrates the membrane.


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