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  • Antibody i-Patch uses antibody-specific statistics to annotate residues with a score indicating how likely they are to be in contact with the supplied antigen.

  • A high score (warmer colours in the picture) indicates that the residue is more likely to form part of the paratope. [Example output]

  • The method works well with a homology model of the antibody supplied as input.

  • Use the form below to submit an Antibody i-Patch job using the structures of an antibody-antigen pair.

For a full description of the method or if you use this software, please refer to:

Krawczyk et al. Antibody i-Patch prediction of the antibody binding site improves rigid local antibody‚Äďantigen docking. PEDS (2013)

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SEJ (?)Paratope predictionTuesday 25th of June 2019 04:47:32 PMQueued
SEJ (?)Paratope predictionFriday 14th of June 2019 11:33:52 PMDone
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