Antigen receptor Numbering And Receptor ClassificatIon.

  • ANARCI is a tool for numbering amino-acid sequences of antibody and T-cell receptor variable domains.
  • Use the form below to identify domains and annotate them with either the IMGT, Chothia, Kabat, Martin (Enhanced Chothia) or AHo numbering scheme.
  • TCR sequnces can only be numbered with IMGT or AHo schemes.
  • ANARCI aligns a given sequence to a database of Hidden Markov Models that describe the germline sequences of antibody and TCR domain types.
  • The most significant alignment predicts the domain type and species of the input sequence.

ANARCI is freely available for all users.
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For a full description of the method or if you use this software, please refer to:
Dunbar J and Deane CM. ANARCI: Antigen receptor numbering and receptor classification. Bioinformatics (2016)

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  • ANARCI is freely available for all users.
  • It runs on Linux and OSX.
  • If you would like to be kept informed about new releases of the software, please fill out the form below (?)



  • Unpack:
    tar -zxvf anarci-1.X.tar.gz

  • Run:
    cd anarci-1.X
    python install

  • Users without root permissions can use either of the following commands:
    python install --user
    python install --home="~"
  • New for v.1.3: During setup, ANARCI will automatically download the latest set of germline genes from IMGT.
  • For more information see the INSTALL file
  • Usage

  • For details of how to use the software see the README file