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Summary of Results

Five TAP Developability Guidelines

PSH Metric = Patches of Surface Hydrophobicity Metric; PPC Metric = Patches of Positive Charge Metric; PNC Metric = Patches of Negative Charge Metric; SFvCSP = Structural Fv Charge Symmetry Parameter. Formulae for each metric are provided in the TAP paper.

Graphical Representations

The following histograms show where your antibody sits within the 5 TAP metric distributions of the 334 clinical-stage therapeutics sourced since the TAP paper.

Amber and red flag cutoffs are shown by the appropriately-coloured dashed lines, and the value recorded for your antibody is the solid line, coloured by assigned flag.

Metric 1: Total CDR Length

Metric 2: PSH Score

Metric 3: PPC Score

Metric 4: PNC Score

Metric 5: SFvCSP Score


Heavy & Light Chains

IMGT CDR Residues
CDR Vicinity: Hydrophobicity
CDR Vicinity: Positive & Negative Charge

The CDR Vicinity encompasses all surface-exposed IMGT CDR and anchor residues, as well as other surface exposed residues with at least one heavy atom within a radius of 4Å. This means that some IMGT CDR residues may not be highlighted (insufficient exposure, < 7.5% relative to Ala-X-Ala for any residue X), whilst some residues outside the IMGT CDR definitions may be highlighted.

Model Accuracy & Sequence Liabilities

Canonical Form Usage

Below are the predicted North-defined length-independent canonical forms (database: Dec 31st 2018) for each non-CDRH3 loop in your model structure:

UC: Unclustered; Template Untested + PDB Code: We have not yet categorised this loop in this template chain, either because its B factor is too high, or because it is a recent PDB deposition. If the latter, it should be included in the next update. If the former, please use the SCALOP tool to predict the canonical class from sequence instead of structure; Template Untested + undefined: Ab initio modelling was used for this loop. Be aware that this will have an unpredictable effect on model quality, and may make metric values less reliable. Ab initio modelled loops are coloured grey in the model accuracy representation.

Click here to view and download the distributions of canonical forms seen across the human Ig-seq models in the TAP paper.


File Download LinkFile Description
Model StructureABodyBuilder model for your antibody (IMGT-numbered). Note this was made ensuring no sequence identical templates - if there was a PDB structure for this antibody, it will not be reproduced. For the protocol which allows sequence identical templates, please use ABodyBuilder.

Please see the help page for further explanation of the results.