CDR Prediction

Sequence-based Prediction of TCR CDR Canonical Form

  • SCALOP-TCR is a sequence-based canonical form predictor for five of the six complementarity-determining regions (B1, B2, A1, A2 and A3) on an T-cell receptor (TCR).
  • Submit a single or a pair of sequence(s) through the form below (multiple sequences upload has priority).
  • The sequences are numbered by ANARCI and assigned to canonical forms by SCALOP-TCR.
  • Results are displayed by the name of the assigned clusters and the PDB-chain identifier from which the median structure of the assigned cluster is extracted. (Load an example result)
  • Where no result is shown for a given sequence, it is not considered a TCR by ANARCI, thus no assignment is made.

SCALOP-TCR is freely available for all users.

  • Download the SCALOP-TCR. See help for more details on file formats.