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  • This database is described in the following paper: Raybould MIJ, Marks C, Lewis AP, Shi J, Bujotzek A, Taddese B, Deane CM (2020) Thera-SAbDab: the Therapeutic Structural Antibody Database. Nucleic Acids Res. 48(D1):gkz827.
  • Antibody- and Nanobody-derived therapeutics with known sequences, and their structural coverage in the PDB.
  • Use the 'Get all therapeutics' tab to get a list of all immunotherapeutics.
  • Search by name: Find a specific entry using its INN -mab or -fusp name.
  • Search by attribute: Find a subset of immunotherapeutics with particular attributes. Choose from format, target, highest clinical trial reached, development status, year INN proposed, or structural coverage (or any combination).
  • Search by sequence: Find therapeutics near to your query sequence over any Chothia-defined region of the heavy and/or light chain variable domain sequence.
  • For more help, see the About page.
  • If you believe we have missed a WHO-recognised therapeutic with a public sequence, please contact us at opig <~at~>
  • Please note that the data contained within Thera-SAbDab is available under a CC-BY 4.0 license.
  • On 19th October 2021, we updated Thera-SAbDab to filter out duplicate mAb names (i.e. where two names exist for the same mAb therapeutic) from the search results. Entries now bear the most recent mAb name. The former name is available in the metadata notes, and specific searches for the old mAb name will still return a datapoint labelled with the new name. Note that this does not mean Thera-SAbDab is completely sequence non-redundant; for example some bispecifics use identical Fv regions to previous monoclonal antibodies, while biosimilars can be identical in Fv sequence to their 'parent' mAb. Many thanks to Max Vasquez (Adimab) for suggesting this improvement.
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Thera-SAbDab tracks all WHO-recognised Antibody- and Nanobody-derived therapeutics with released sequences.

Download a spreadsheet of all therapeutic sequences/structures (last list(s) - PL125): xlsx / csv

If you find we have missed a WHO-recognised therapeutic with a public sequence, please contact us at opig <~at~>

SAbDab paper: Dunbar, J., Krawczyk, K. et al (2014). Nucleic Acids Res. 42. D1140-D1146 [link]

Thera-SAbDab paper: Raybould, M.I.J., Marks, C. et al (2019). Nucleic Acids Res. gkz827 [link]

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