About SAbPred


  • SAbPred: Dunbar, J. et al (2016). SAbPred: a structure-based antibody prediction server. Nucleic Acids Res., 44, W474-W478. [link]
  • ABlooper: Abanades, B. et al (2022). ABlooper: fast accurate antibody CDR loop structure prediction with accuracy estimation, Bioinformatics, 38 , 1877-1880.[link]
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  • SCALOP: Wong, W. et al (2018). SCALOP: sequence-based antibody canonical loop structure annotation, Bioinformatics. [link]
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  • Hu-mAb: Marks, C. et al (2021). Humanization of antibodies using a machine learning approach on large-scale repertoire data, Bioinformatics, 37, 4041-4047.[link]


Feel free to contact us at opig@stats.ox.ac.uk for any issues or misannotations or general enquiries about SAbPred. If you are contacting us about an error you are experiencing with one of our tools, it would be helpful if you could also let us know the job ID, and/or the link to the results page.

SAbPred paper: Dunbar, J. et al (2016). Nucleic Acids Res. 44. W474-W478 [link]