The Structural T-Cell Receptor Database

An automated, curated set of T-Cell Receptor structural data from the PDB.

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Selection Methods

Search the database in the following methods:

Database search: Search the database by features such as organism, TCR germline.
CDR search: Search the database based on sequences of the TCR's CDR loops (IMGT definition).
Orientation search: Explore the relative orientations of the Vα/Vβ domains.
Sequence search: Search for a TCR template structure by submitting a sequence.


Summary statistics of the database:

Number of PDB entries with a TCR structure: 605
Number of αβ TCRs: 817
Number of γδ TCRs: 19
Number of TCRs complexed to MHC/MHC-like molecules: 645
Number of TCRs with affinity data: 0

CDR loop clusters

Length-independent clusters of CDRs:

CDR typeNumber of CDR lengthsNumber of clusters