A selection of the posters presented externally by group members are shown below. Please click on a poster to view an enlarged version and download.

February 2017: Biophysical Society 61st Annual Meeting

July 2016: ISMB-3DSIG

March 2016: VIZBI

August 2015: 29th European Crystallographic Meeting

July 2015: ISMB-3DSIG-ECCB

December 2014: Warwick Workshop on Systems Biology

November 2014: CASP

July 2014: ISMB-3DSIG

May 2014: 47th International School of Crystallography

August 2013: ECM28

July 2013: ISMB-ECCB-3DSIG

June 2013: Antimicrobial Drug Discovery

October 2012: Connecting Structure to Function

July 2012: ISMB-3DSIG

March 2012: RD7

July 2011: ISMB-3DSIG-ECCB

September 2010: ECCB

July 2010: ISMB-3DSIG

June 2009: ISMB-3DSIG-ECCB

September 2008: ECCB

July 2008: ISMB-3DSIG

April 2008: BioSysBio